Why Buy A Tilting Rotary Table?

9 May 2023
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


If you want to add a rotary table to your machining equipment, then you can use a static model. However, you can also buy tilting tables. These models let you move items to different positions when you work on them.

What are the benefits of using tilted tables?

Boost Productivity

If you use a static rotary table, then you fix an item to the table to work on it. This positioning will only take you so far. At some point, you might not be able to reach areas you need to machine.

So, you have to unclamp the part, switch its position, and then reclamp it to get access to these areas. You might have to do this multiple times during a job.

This all takes time. Every time you have to stop working to move an item, you lose time. Even simple jobs can take longer than they need to.

Tilted tables boost your productivity. You can change the angle of these tables as you work so that you have easy access to more sides of an item without repositioning it. Even if you do have to manually switch its position, you'll do this less frequently. You work more efficiently, and your productivity will improve.

Reduce Mistakes

If your machining work on a rotary table is a stop-go process, then you increase the chances of operator error. You can't always machine an item continuously on these tables

You have to stop to reposition the item and then start over. If you make even a small positioning mistake, then your machining might not be accurate. Or, you might find it hard to get the same results on multiple areas if you have to machine them all individually.

If you use a tilt table, then the item stays on the table while you work on it. You can work continuously, so your cuts and angles will all be consistent. You don't have to worry about repositioning mistakes.

Expand Machining Capabilities

Static rotary tables affect the items you can machine. You might find it hard to work on complex or unusually-shaped parts on these tables. You might not be able to turn them to the right positions to get access to all of their surfaces.

Tilted tables increase your angles of working. You'll find it easier to get an item into the right position to work on it. You could take on more complex jobs that you have to turn down at the moment.

To see some examples of tilting tables and to learn more about their benefits, contact a rotary table products supplier such as Koma Precision.