Why Use Spiral Freezer Systems In Your Manufacturing Process? Find Out Here

15 March 2022
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One of the biggest challenges you may have as a large-scale manufacturer is ensuring products maintain their original quality after processing and when transported to the market. For that, you need a proper refrigeration system to preserve your products at the correct temperature and prevent spoilage before releasing them to the market. Many producers have opted to use spiral freezing systems to avoid such concerns in their production processes.

What is a spiral freezer system?

This refrigeration system uses mechanical methods to pump high-velocity air over goods during the manufacturing process to maintain their original temperatures, texture, quality, and flavor before transportation from the factory. Spiral freezers are suitable for manufacturing processes involving highly perishable goods such as food products and medicines. That is because the quality of these products can easily be altered or contaminated by temperature fluctuation, heat, and human interactions in production spaces.

What are the benefits of using a spiral freezer system?

Using a spiral freezer to preserve your products comes with the following advantages:

1. Maintains product quality

As a producer, it is your responsibility to ensure that products are of the highest possible quality for consumption when they leave your industry. That may be difficult to achieve if you are into high-scale production with no proper refrigeration system. A spiral freezer solves this problem by ensuring that goods remain refrigerated during the entire production process. A spiral freezing system provides a continuous air supply, maintaining specific temperatures over the goods. 

2. Save on floor space

Refrigerators take a considerable chunk of floor space in a factory setting, especially when producing large quantities. Spiral freezers save on floor space because they are designed to fit your production process depending on your company's size and freezing needs. For instance, you can strategically place your spiral freezer depending on your processed goods' horizontal or vertical travels.

3. Minimizes contamination

It is crucial to avoid contamination when producing highly perishable products or goods for human or animal consumption, such as food or pharmaceutical products. That is because contamination endangers your consumers' health and lives and may result in legal liability on your end. Additionally, contamination may mean a restart to the production process, which may be very costly. A spiral freezer system reduces contamination since it operates independently with minimal human interaction.

4. Customizable travel speed

Spiral freezers control cooling rates at every production stage by enabling customization of travel speed from one production step to another. That saves you the trouble of placing products on shelves to cool before continuing with production. Additionally, this feature makes spiral freezers suitable for a wide range of applications such as baking, defrosting, dehumidifying, glazing, and setting.

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