4 Reasons To Use LDPE Sheets To Manufacture Trash Bags

26 August 2021
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


The plastic you use to make your trash bags matters. You want to use a material that is strong enough for the job. However, you want to keep your production costs low so that you can maximize profits. Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) sheets are a good option here. What are the benefits of using this plastic to make your bags?

1. Get a Lightweight and Flexible Plastic

You don't want to use a really heavy-duty plastic for regular trash bags. While some specialty products need the extra strength of a thicker plastic, regular bags need to be lighter. People won't necessarily want to buy or use heavy rolls of bags.

LDPE works really well on standard trash bags. This plastic is lightweight, so it won't make your products too heavy. However, it is also supple and flexible. You can put your bags on rolls to sell without worrying about them being too stiff or hard.

2. Get Elastic Strength

It's important that your trash bags are strong enough to do their job. People won't buy your brand twice if your bags split open or break too easily. Nobody wants to have to clean up spilled trash from a broken bag.

While LDPE is thin and lightweight, it is also relatively strong. It has a good tensile strength. If someone does overfill a bag, then it won't automatically split open. LDPE plastics are elastic. So, your bags will stretch with their weight. They will be less likely to break.

3. Get Liquid Resistance

Some trash bags don't handle liquids too well. They might seep out of a bag's seams or even soak though the plastic if you choose the wrong material for this job. If liquid seeps through the bag's plastic, then it will start to smell, and you'll have to clean residue off your trash can or floor.

LDPE has a good resistance to liquids and even some chemicals. The plastic can contain moisture and liquids inside the bag. It won't leak out through seams or through the plastic.

4. Get Cheaper Material Costs

Trash bags don't have a high retail value. So, you want to keep your material and manufacturing costs as low as possible. While you want to use high-quality plastics, you don't want to pay too much for them.

LDPE plastic is a cost-effective solution. It shares many features with higher-quality plastics; however, it is cheaper. You could reduce your production costs if you use this option.

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