What Affects the Cost of Zinc-Nickel Plating?

30 March 2021
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Zinc-nickel plating is a great option for protecting metal items. Overall, many people like it not just because it's great for providing protection but also because it's pretty affordable. Of course, if you're interested in a budget-friendly finishing option, then you might be particularly interested in how much zinc-nickel plating is going to cost. Someone who performs these plating services can give you the most accurate quote for the project that you have in mind, but if you're curious about what types of things they will look at when giving you this number, check out this list.

How Big Is the Item That You're Having Coated?

As is the case with most finishes and coatings, one of the biggest things that is going to impact the cost of zinc-nickel plating is how big the item is that you are going to be having plated. If the item is small, then it probably won't take a lot of time for the technician to add the plating, and a lot of material will not need to be used. This is great for keeping costs down. If you are having a much bigger item plated, on the other hand, more material and more time will probably be required, which will probably bring the price up.

What Type of Thickness Should the Coating Have?

Some people opt for a thin layer of nickel plating. This might be best for items that need protection but that won't be exposed to the elements. For items that need extra protection, such as those that will be exposed to industrial conditions or the outdoor elements on a constant basis, a thicker level of coating might be needed. Because this requires more time, work, and material, thicker coatings will typically be more expensive.

What Color Do You Want the Coating to Have?

If you are happy with a regular nickel-colored finish, then your costs will be a bit lower. Some people prefer to have their items coated in a black coating or a coating of a different color, however. This can help you give your item the look that you want it to have without worrying about things like painting or powder coating it yourself, but it can come with an additional cost. When placing an order for zinc-nickel plating, consider asking about the different colors that are available and the cost differences for each option. Talk to a manufacturer for more information.