Avoid These Mistakes When It Comes To Providing Oil For Your Diesel Engine And Turbocharger

6 January 2019
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Your diesel engine's turbocharger is a key part what makes your diesel vehicle go. But it also requires regular maintenance and in particular proper oil and lubrication in order for it to run at its best. You'll have to keep a much closer eye on your diesel engine's oil supply than you do when managing engine oil in a non-diesel vehicle. Here are three mistakes you'll want to avoid when priming or changing out your diesel turbocharger's oil.

Don't Put in a New Filter Without Priming It First

When you do an oil change on your turbocharger, you may also decide to replace the oil filter. But if you want the turbocharger to be able to run as smoothly as possible when it starts back up, you should prime the new filter with oil in advance before putting it into place. This will ensure your entire oil system is already lubricated and ready to go and there won't be any unnecessary wear and tear on your turbocharger or engine as it returns to normal operation.

Don't Rev It Up Without Proper Pressure

After you switch out your oil supply and filter on your turbocharger, you'll want to wait a bit for the oil pressure to return to normal. In other words, you should keep your engine idling until you are sure that the oil pressure is where it needs to be. If you are in a hurry or just inpatient you might try to push the envelope and start revving things up before the new oil has had a chance to settle and pressurize. This will again just cause needless wear and tear that could be easily avoided. Be patient and make sure the oil is moving through the system properly before you take things up a notch.

Don't Let Dirty Oil Linger

When it comes to your non-diesel vehicles, you can sometimes push your luck and go a little longer between oil changes without sustaining any significant damage. But this is not advised at all when it comes to your Diesel engine and turbocharger. Oil is your engine's lifeblood and if you let dirty oil linger, it could easily damage the bearings in your turbocharger. Get into the habit of marking down the date that you last changed out your oil and then stick to the timetable recommended by the manufacturer.

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