Do You Have A Machining Getting Hot And Causing Concern? Call A Mechanic And Do These Things

13 June 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


If you have a machine that keeps getting hot to the touch and the machine doesn't always signal that it needs to be shut off, you need to watch it carefully and you want to talk with a machine mechanic. There are a lot of different things that you want to do right away, to make sure that the machine won't overheat or catch on fire, and to make sure that you are prepared for any of these types of things that could happen. Consider the following.

Cutting and Cooling Fluids

You have to be sure that the cooling and cutting fluids keep the machine components cooled as needed, so the components and surfaces aren't hot. Make sure that the machinists are checking the machines for warnings on the controls screens, and that you are scheduling regular inspections to manually check the fluid levels. These fluids should be kept on hands at all time for the machines, and checked regularly.

Emergency Fire Equipment  

You want to have all the necessary fire equipment to deal with the emergency overheating. You should have the proper type of fire extinguishers in case a fire were to spark from the heat, and in case there is smoke that you need to put out. Don't just have the required amount from the fire department, but also additional handheld options around the machines for the machinists to use in an emergency.

Immediate Shut Down Capabilities

If the machine gives an overheating warning you want the workers to be able to shut down the machine in an instant. The same if the machine catches fire. There should be a power down option on the machine, or an outlet somewhere on the wall where they can quickly and easily hit the turn off button and stop the operation.

If one of the machines on your shop floor keeps radiating heat and is so hot the machinist can't touch it, it's time to make sure that it's safe and to check all the cooling and cutting fluids. There are a lot of different issues that could be causing the machine to overheat, You want to be sure that while you are waiting for someone to inspect the machine, or if you are still running it, that you can shut it off quickly if you have to, and that your staff have the tools to put out any type of fire.