Collecting Silver Coins: Both A Hobby And An Investment

21 March 2018
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Unfortunately, most hobbies end up costing money, and sometimes a lot of money. In addition to the money you spend, you also need to put in the time. If you are lucky and have the extra money, the time spent can be an investment in yourself. As you work on the tasks associated with the hobby, you will relax. As you accomplish different aspects of it, you will feel joy and a sense of accomplishment. Now, what if you could experience joy and accomplishment in the spending of money for your hobby? This is what can happen when you collect silver coins. Here is a bit of information to explain this further.

The Hobby

Once you decide on collecting silver coins, you will spend time researching the subject. You can then start to look for silver coins in all the change you receive. Many pre-1965 coins were made of up to 90 percent silver, specifically the dollars, half-dollars, quarters, and dimes. After going through all the change in the house, you can start to search in coin shops and online for more. It would be a good idea to buy a book on the value of the different coins.

As a hobbyist, you will spend time looking through magazines, websites, and trade papers to learn about the coins. This is where you decide how much money you want to invest in the hobby. While each coin will always be worth the silver weight, it's numismatic value is something entirely different. You can decide if you want to collect rare coins, or perhaps you want to find all the different versions of America the Beautiful silver quarters.

The Investment

Silver is a precious metal that has been used for currency all over the world. While it is true that its value fluctuates with the economy, it is also true that there is a limit to the amount of silver that can be mined. This means that as supply dwindles, demand will go up. In addition, as paper currency is printed, it loses value in the world market. This may mean that silver is worth even more.

Even if you only collect "junk silver coins" (the pre-1965 coins,) you will have created an investment. Especially if you are given a silver coin as change. What the cashier handed you as a quarter may well be worth $4 for its silver content. Save them for emergencies in life, for your retirement, or to pass down to your kids. 

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