3 Benefits Of Getting Powder Coated Rims

23 February 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


There are many ways you can enhance your vehicle's rims. No customization is more practical and beneficial, though, than powder coating. This unique process isn't that difficult to master, and can provide the following benefits to your rims. 

Added Durability 

So many rims today are built strictly for aesthetic purposes. Although this helps your vehicle stand out, it leaves your rims susceptible to cracking and bending over time. You don't have to worry about these issues when you select rims that have a powder coating.

The reason these coatings add so much protection to your rims is because they're made up of many things. These include pigments, curatives, flow modifiers, polymer resin systems, and leveling agents.

After these ingredients are melted, cooled, and mixed together, they are administered using electrostatic spray deposition. It's this technique that keeps these additives caked on your rims, no matter what weather elements they come in contact with. 

Can be Customized 

Although you may rely heavily on powder coatings for practical purposes, they can also better your rims' visual appearance. That's because they can be made into various color and texture varieties, depending on your personal preference.

There are also many powder coat finishes you can select from, including high gloss, metallic, fluorescent, and glitter. The metallic finish is particularly distinct and leaves your rims shining from all sides. The glitter option may be better if you're looking for a more feminine look. 

Just keep in mind that the more complex your color patterns and textures are, the more you'll pay out of pocket. 

Environmentally Friendly 

When a lot of auto shops or DIY hobbyists paint their rims, they use substances that are often toxic. They are not great for the environment overall, and can actually impact people nearby when these toxic substances end up in waterways.

You can avoid these pollution-related problems when you use powder coats, thankfully. That's because they don't contain any harmful solvents, nor do they have a high VOC (volatile organic compounds) potency. You can use these coatings for as long as you want, without having to worry about the damage you may be causing. Lastly, these coatings don't require a lot of water -- helping you cut down on water waste. 

The next time you think about giving your vehicle's rims a makeover, consider all of the benefits you can get with powder coatings. They give your rims a long-lasting design and enhance their visuals in a unique way. Contact a company, like Tri-State Fabricators Inc, for more help.