Troubleshooting An Industrial Air Compressor

2 May 2017
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Did you recently purchase a new air compressor for your warehouse as a replacement for the one that broke down? Rather than tossing the old compressor into a dumpster, you might want to find out if it can still be used. It is possible that investing in a few new parts can bring the compressor back to a satisfactory condition. You can never own too many compressors, especially when they are needed on a daily basis. Take a look at this article for a few troubleshooting tips in regards to dealing with a damaged air compressor.

1. Get a New Motor Installed

If your air compressor simply stopped working one day, that does not mean that it isn't still useful. The motor is the main pat that is needed for the compressor to work, so it is likely the root of the problem. Even if the motor is in bad shape, it doesn't mean that all of the other parts are in bad shape as well. Ask a technician to take a look at the motor to determine if it has worn out to the extent of a repair not being possible. If the motor is worn out, getting a new one installed might be sufficient to resolve the problem.

2. Make Sure the Power Cord Is Good

Your compressor may have stopped working because the power cord isn't functional anymore. It is important for electricity to flow through the cord so the motor can power up. Did you check the circuit breakers in your warehouse to make sure none have been tripped? If not, do so and turn any breakers that are off back on to see if the compressor starts working. If the breakers are on, get the power cord to the compressor inspected by a technician in case he or she needs to replace it.

3. Replace the Check Valve

If the compressor has stopped releasing air, it can point to several problems. For example, there is a check valve on the compressor that can get damaged and allow air to seep out. A damaged check valve can easily be replaced by a technician, or you can purchase one yourself from companies like Monumental Supply Company. He or she will first find out if the valve can be repaired without you having to invest in a replacement. You must also keep in mind that a dirty filter can also limit the amount of air that a compressor is able to release.