Choosing A Vibrating Screening Machine For Your Business

31 March 2017
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


If you're running an industrial company, depending on the type of materials in your facility, you may need to use vibrating screening machines. Also called vibratory screeners, these machines work to filter and sort materials through wire mesh screens so they can be used for your purposes. With the information below, you can make the purchasing process easier.

Consider Use

There are different shapes and types of vibrating screen machines. You might imagine those differences exist to accommodate space in your facility, but there are other reasons you might choose one type over another. For example, you could choose a small, circular screener if you're planning to sift light materials like powders. You may select a rectangular screening machine if the particles you need to sort are heavier, such as grain or other food products.

Investigate Wire Mesh Screens

The type and size of a screener are not the only things that need to be considered. The mesh screens through which materials are sorted and sifted should also be thought about. The mesh screen used by a screener determines how easily the machine is able to process the materials and move them along in your facility. You need to be aware of how small or large particles can be in order to get through the screen so that you can be sure materials are sifted to your satisfaction.

Once you've looked at the screen to know whether it is appropriate for your needs, you'll also want to consider how easily the screen can be cleaned. If it's tough to detach the mesh screen, it might not be cleaned as much as necessary because it's such a pain to do so. As a result, you might find that the screen clogs more easily or you may observe higher levels of bacteria buildup.

It is also important to look into local vendors to determine the cost and availability of the wire mesh screens you'll be using. You are likely to need to replace the screens if they become torn or damaged. Once you've purchased the screener, you may even wish to purchase multiple screens of different types to see which work best with the machine and to have some on hand in case you need them.

With the information here, choosing vibrating screen machines should be easier. Talk with machine vendors about your specific needs so you are sure to select screeners that are appropriate.