6 Mistakes It's Important To Avoid When An Industrial Air Filter Is Installed

28 February 2017
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


An improperly installed air filter will detract from the efficiency of your industrial operation. It will also cause your equipment to wear out more quickly and could create hazards at your facility due to poor air quality.

By avoiding the following six mistakes, you can ensure that your air filter is properly installed and will function effectively:

Neglecting to check for rips and/or holes in the filter media

It sometimes happen that rips or tears are made in filter media during installation. Any openings in the filter will detract from its ability to keep contaminants out of the air.

A new filter should be inspected for rips both before and after the installation to ensure that it will work effectively. 

Not inspecting the filter frame after installation

After insulation, it's important to inspect the filter frames and make sure that they remain rigid. During normal operation of your machinery, stress can be placed on your filter that could cause collapse of the frames if the frames aren't properly supported and reinforced.

A collapsed frame will make the filter ineffective but could be difficult to notice after the fact until the next filter replacement date is scheduled, so inspection at the time of installation is vital. 

Allowing bypass air to go through because the media isn't properly sealed

You don't only need to pay attention to the frame structure itself. You also need to be looking at how the filter media is attached to the frame. If the media has pulled away from the frame at all, this will allow bypass air to go through without filtration that will compromise the effectiveness of the filter.

Installing the filter without verifying the air-flow direction

Remember that filters are typically designed so that air flows through them in a particular direction. Make sure that you are aware of the air-flow direction and you double check that the filter has been placed the right way after installation.

Neglecting to caulk cracks or openings that exist between the frame of the filter and the duct walls

Often, the filter frame will not fit in perfectly in its position within the duct walls. This is not a severe problem as long as you properly caulk any openings that exist so that they don't allow bypass air to go through.

Allowing bypass air to go through because gaskets and seals around the frame are faulty

Another route for bypass air is through any tears in the gaskets or seals that are meant to keep the seal tight between the duct walls and the filter frame. Inspect gaskets and seals at each installation to avoid air bypass issues.

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