4 Electrical Upgrades That Will Make Your Work Life Easier

22 April 2016
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


When you own your own business, whether you're manufacturing products or offering consulting services, you need a convenient and efficient work space. In addition to purchasing essentials, like raw materials and equipment, you should give careful consideration to the electrical features and capabilities of your building. As you can imagine, not having enough electrical outlets or having to run extension cords across your floor can seriously jeopardize your safety as well as limit your productivity. In addition to making sure you have enough outlets in the right locations, you may want to think about a few electrical upgrades that will make your work life easier. 

Charging Stations

If you and your employees carry a lot of devices, such as tablets and smartphones, you might want to think about placing charging stations at convenient locations throughout your building. Charging stations can be as simple as a nook complete with shelving and numerous electrical outlets where workers can plug in and store their devices when they're not in use. Not only are charging stations convenient, they will keep your company's devices safe and prevent breakage due to careless placement on a table or counter. 

Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches come in very handy, especially in conference or multi-media rooms. If you have a dimmer switch in your office space, you can turn the lights down for a presentation without having to turn them all the way off. This not only increases safety, it allows workers or perspective clients to take notes or follow along in their brochures without straining their eyes. 

Pop-Up Outlets

Pop-up outlets on counters, workstations, and desks are ideal because they can be placed strategically right where you need them, but they don't get in the way. When they're not in use, pop-up outlets are conveniently tucked out of sight. Workstation outlets also negate the need for running cords under desks, which can prevent a safety hazard. 

Outdoor Outlets

If you do quite a bit of work outdoors, be sure to add some outdoor outlets. These outlets are properly grounded and much safer than running an industrial extension cord along walkways and through doors. 

When upgrading your electrical wiring, be sure to anticipate future needs. Add more outlets and circuits than you currently need in anticipation of growth. Also, consult your employees about their needs. They may have some ideas that will make their work easier and allow them to be more productive. Talk to an electrical construction firm for more help.