Protect Your Mobile Home From Frozen Pipes

13 April 2016
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Your mobile home may keep you warm inside the house during the winter, but the pipes that run underneath your mobile home are exposed to the cold air and might be at risk of freezing. To prevent that from happening, take the following steps to protect your pipes and ensure you continue to have water flowing into your mobile home.

Get the Right Skirting

Skirting can provide the first layer of defense against the elements for your mobile home. However, if you live in an area where the temperatures regularly drop below the freezing mark, it may not be sufficient to stop the pipes from freezing up. For even more protection, you may want to replace the skirting you're using now with insulated skirting.

If you cannot get insulated skirting or want to save some money, foam boards can be used instead. You can place them behind the panels of your mobile home's skirting. To make sure the boards remain in place, you might want to hammer nails through the skirting into them.

Wrap Pipes with Heat Tape

To ensure that your pipes don't freeze over, you may want to consider purchasing heat tape. Heat tape is technically cable with electrical wiring inside of it. It can be plugged in so that your pipes are always warm. Some types of heat tape have sensors that power the tape on when the temperature goes below a certain limit.

After you've wrapped the pipes, remember the water main. Wrap that with heat tape, and then put some insulation into the well that surrounds it.

Take Precautions

There are some things you can do inside the house to ensure the pipes don't freeze. When it is very cold, leave sink cabinets open so that warm air can keep the pipes in the house from getting too cold. You can also leave a bit of water trickling out of all the faucets; running water is unlikely to freeze as quickly.

If you plan on leaving your house in the winter, it is important to keep the heat on inside the house. If not, you may find that when you return home, the pipes have frozen.

Now that you have some ideas for making sure your mobile home pipes don't freeze when temperatures go down, use them to ensure that you'll still be able to get water inside your home. Consult a mobile home supplies retailer for more ideas about how you can protect your water lines.