Working With Concrete Products When Temperature Drops

20 October 2017
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Winter can be a great time for small construction projects you'd like to get done on your property. There are usually less people waiting on lines at lumber and concrete supply shops and you don't have to work in sweltering heat. However, you may question whether concrete projects turn out well if they're done when the temperature drops low. They can, if these suggestions are utilized. Warm Earth First A good way to ruin your concrete project, even if it looks okay initially, is to pour concrete products on ground that is frozen. Read More 

Deicing Alternatives To Rock Salt

18 September 2017
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There as been a growing number of green deicer liquids available on the market. Based on the current trends, it is likely that deicer liquids based on rock salt will not be legal in a few years. Sodium chloride has been used traditionally because it is cheap. However, it is also corrosive to metal and concrete and damaging to plants. Potassium chloride is even more harmful to plants. There are fortunately other options that are available. Read More 

Benefits Of Recylcing Concrete

21 August 2017
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If you run your own construction or excavation business, then you may run into a situation where you need to get rid of large piles of broken concrete so a new build can begin. A concrete disposal dumpster is often required for this. However, you have the option of going through a concrete salvage company that will recycle the concrete for you. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of this. Read More 

3 Reasons To Utilize A Sandblasting Service

27 July 2017
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A sandblasting service is a very useful resource that can help you do everything from maintaining machinery to helping you prepare your home or business for a remodeling or construction project. Sandblasting typically consists of spraying little pieces of material at a surface at extremely high speeds in order to do everything from smoothing a surface to removing anything that may be on a surface. Listed below are three reasons to utilize a sandblasting service: Read More 

Troubleshooting An Industrial Air Compressor

2 May 2017
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Did you recently purchase a new air compressor for your warehouse as a replacement for the one that broke down? Rather than tossing the old compressor into a dumpster, you might want to find out if it can still be used. It is possible that investing in a few new parts can bring the compressor back to a satisfactory condition. You can never own too many compressors, especially when they are needed on a daily basis. Read More